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Gentle Pet Groomer , Phoenix, Az.

I'm a Dog Lady! 

First and foremost.

I started grooming pets over 20 years ago. During that time, I have worked in animal hospitals, rescued, adopted, fostered and groomed my way across the country from California to Pennsylvania and then, back West ,to Phoenix.  

I operated a very busy house call grooming service in Pennsylvania for four wonderful years. In that environment I was able to fine tune gentle handling of pets. I got to experience first-hand the difference one on one attention made to the pets in my care and honestly, the difference it made to me as a groomer. In 2020, I moved to Arizona and started a mobile service and incorporated much of what I learned making house calls into how i ran that business . 

I love this small suite! It feels like a wonderful mash up of the best of all of my experiences. I work very hard to keep the atmosphere welcoming and cozy for the pets. I want them to feel like they came to visit a friend. So, there's beds and music and aroma therapy and lots of love. 

 I attend seminars and trade shows to keep on top on the latest products and handling techniques in this ever evolving industry of 'Pet Care". For example , I prefer to use quieter equipment to reduce noise induced stress. And, every year , I attend Pet First Aid and CPR classes  to ensure the safety of the pets in my care. I do my best to make every grooming session as calm and as pleasant as possible for each one of them, just like I do for Beignet. I've personally seen how much happier and calmer a pet seems during and after a personalized grooming session. I hope you will too !

Beignet and I look forward to meeting you !

Tiffany Person

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